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DIGITIZATION Towards a More Integrated Industry

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About Cargo Community Network

Start e-freight with CCN, who has access to the most extensive network of forwarders and airlines within Singapore. CCN is well-positioned to help you to get started with e-freight. CCN's e-freight@Singapore solution enables seamless integration with your partners. It is a comprehensive solution which fully integrates the entire information ow from Shippers to Forwarders to Airlines. The solution also features value-added services that further extend the bene ts of enhanced information integration with your partner.


About Innosys Pte Ltd

The Innosys consortium provides a number of popular ERP solutions enhanced with e-freight capability for both SME and non-SME shippers and freight forwarders, with the aim of reducing deployment and implementation costs. ERP offerings include Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sage Accpac, Bizpoint E8 BRM, Mercury Trade Management Software and Dynamics NAV, Sage Accpac, and Packing List and Shipper's Letter of Instruction. Messages are routed through TradeXchange, a neutral and secure IT platform owned by Singapore Customs. Innosys' strategy for e-freight is to work with third party ICT companies and in- house IT teams that are supporting ERP solutions to drive adoption of e-freight.


About vCargo Cloud (VCC) Pte Ltd

VCC's e-freight solution is a secure, cloud-based solution that you can adopt easily, with minimal upfront investment and effort. Using our message translators, we can connect and onboard your system without requiring you to make major changes. Our system provides multiple means of connectivity options for you to transfer your source les to us. In addition to helping you minimize data re-entry and improve ef ciency and accuracy, our system can also embed and enforce your business logic and rules. Our solution also offers advanced interactive search, real-time status updates and automated scheduled reports to shippers, forwarders and even consignees.