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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 - Las Vegas


CES is a well-established technology trade show which see involvement for major tech brnads. SSIA will be leading a delegation to CES in Las Vegas on 8 - 11 Jan 2013. The delegation will get opportunities to demo their products, participate in press and investor roundtables, meet with industry leaders, and engage potential customers.


Companies who wish to participate in this delegation are entitled to 50% subsidies on various components below:

  • Return economy airfare
  • Hotel accommodation and local transportation
  • Meeting venue package (which includes a Press event and VC event)

Click here for details on subsidies and registration forms.


This delegation is limited to 8 companies on a first-come-first served basis upon full payment.


Below is list of confirmed participating companies.



ConnectedHealth, headquatered in Singapore is a wireless health innovator committed to developing health monitoring connectivity solutions that drive down health care cost by improving patient compliance. ConnectedHealth's eHealth Platform product is the first to provide an end-to-end connected solutions for reomte health management.

Through its e-Health Platform, ConnectedHealth addresses health care providers' demand for lower cost e-Health solutions that can scale by leveraging third party measurement devices and use of standard, their party health gateway hardware. Our mission is to reduce cost of health care through by seamless connecting care givers, patients and suppliers using wireless device to web connectivity. Our products include the eHealth Platform, the eHealth Kit and the eDiabetes Kit.

To find our more about ConnectedHealth, please visit www.connhealth.com


iTwin is a spin-off from I2R and A*STAR. The flagship product is iTwin, a device with two identical halves. The two halves, plugged into any two online PCs, create an encrypted tunnel between the two PCs. The company is backed by VCs and is a winner of the Singapore National Infocomm Award.

To find out more about iTwin, please visit www.iTwin.com



Plunify develops a secure, scalable and easy-to-use cloud computing platform to accelerate semiconductor chip design. By providing optimization algorithms, on-demand compute resources, software tools and intellectual property (IP) modules to engineers. Plunify's platform enables chip design companies to significantly accelerate product Time-To-Market and reduce development costs. Working with design and verification tool vendors, Plunify helps partners get their products to market rapidly, and makes best-inclass tools and IP available in an integrated platform.

Plunify's solutions deliver chip design and verification capabalities via a tightly managed, highly scalable network of compute servers, software tools and IP modules. Engineers access this network via a standard Web browser or through Plunify-supplied plugin scripts with no changes to existing workflows. All data is encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and accessed by asymmetric keys unique to each user. Removing the need for procurement, setup and maintenance of compute resources and software, especially during periods of peak usage, engineers use Plunify to seamlessly speed up their workflows. These are the most scalable and secure solutions in the industry.

To find out more about Plunify, please visit www.plunify.com



Sprooki provides Asia's largest malls and leading retailers with a white-label, location-based retail system they can use on a daily basis to win more customers. Sprooki provides a real-time, ened-to-end platform and customizable consumer interfaces enabling the retail sector to quickly and more cost-effectively access the latest in locatino-aware technology, mobile commerce, shopper analytics and sophisticated campaign management tools. Founded on the belief that internet-enabled devices have changed retailing by empowering a new generation of smarter, more savvy shoppers, Sprooki's system provides "always on" real-time alerts about nearby events and promotions, which they can buy instantly and redeem securely in-store.

Sprooki was first launched by co-founders Claire Mula and Michael Gethen based on changes to the retail landscape driven by internet-enabled. location-aware devices. The Singapore-based team, which recently received fubding through Singapore's Natinoal Research Foundation and incubator Get2Volume, is a unique blend of deep experience in consumer marketing and development of large-scale enterprise mobility and digital solutions. This translate into not only a reliable mobile marketing and commerce platform and ongoing technical monitoring, but also an end-to-end, customisable solutino including customized design, implementation support, and consumer insights.

To find out more about Sprooki, please visit www.sprooki.com



TabSquare is a Singapore-based leading provider of innovative digital solutions for the hospitality industry which help the businesses enhance the experience for their customers and also improve the efficiency of their operations at the same time. The company provides end-to-end solutions for its customers with services ranging from project consultation & management, software development & customization, hardware requirement generation and procurement, security, maintenance, installation, transition training and more.

TabSquare recently launched its eMenu systems for the restaurant industry which replace the traditional paper based menus with modern, interactive and multifunctional tablet-based menus wherein, customers can see dish pictures, read the menu in multiple languages, search the dishes by their characteristics and even post their coments on facebook. These eMenu systems are also fully intergrated with the kitchen and billing systems in the restaurant such that the customers can order directly from the eMenus, view their bills and in some cases even pay through the system. This reduces staff required to service the customers, and frees up their time from doing manual entries into the POS or waiting for customers to place their orders, to actually helping them decide what to order, upsell and recommend dishes to their customers. Customers are happy with faster & better service while the managers are observing faster table turns and higher revenue per customer. Restaurants which have implemented these eMenu systems have seen their revenues grow as much as 10% and manpower costs fall by up to 20%.

Founded by 3 INSEAD graduates, TabSquare intends to revoluntionalize the way customers shop and dine out. With over 25 years of combined experience in consumer marketing, institutional sales and larger scale IT project implementations, the founding team stands strong and has been driving the exponential growth at TapSquare. More recently, there has been an increasing interest in TabSquare's products, with some of Singapore's large restaurant chains starting to adopt their modern solutions to age-old problems. The company plans to launch many new products aimed at different segments of the hospitality industry in the coming 3-6 months.

To find out more about TabSquare, please visit www.Tabsquare.com



Third Wave Power aims to empower people around the world by improving lives and increasing productivity. Incorporated in 2011 and based in Singapore, the company develops affordable and innovative renewable power solutions that serve portable energy needs in both urban and rural areas.

Third Wave Power is committed to using renewable energy to develop innovative products that are affordable and easy-to-use. We design and develop products based on what customers need in their work and lives. Our products are made to perform and last in the environments that they are used in.

Third Wave Power's inaugural product mPowerpad - a portable multi-function solar charger - received widespread, positive news coverage from influential international and regional publications including CNET Asia, Gizmodo, Ubergizmo, The Huffington Post, Wired, Gizmag, ITWire, Eco-Business, The Straits Times' Digital Life and many more.

For more information about Third Wave Power, please visit thirdwavepower.com



We transform buildings into Location-Intelligent infrastructures, by deploying innovative indoor position technologies, and creating user applications that make it easy for people to navigate in complex indoor environments.

We also enable people to access highly-relevant, location-based content through their smartphones, and to interact with other people. This augments real-life experience and creates both business and customer value for all users.

Our solutions are used in a wide range of business environments including retail, entertainment, logistics and health-care, where contextual information play a crucial role in marketing and business operations.

By spurring innovation in indoor navigation systems, we hope to make the world a more intelligent place, one building at a time.

For more information about YFind, please visit www.y-find.com


Founded in Singapore, Xmi Pte Ltd us a technology-driven company focused on bringing the very latest wave of multimedia products to the global market. As we enter a fast-paced digital age, the ability to foresee market trends and react dynamically to market changes becomes quintessential to the success of any technology business.

Xmi Pte Ltd's main objective is in creating multimedia devices that will precede major trends in Digital Lifestyle Technology. With unique products of superior functionality, mass-market appeal and uncompromising quality, Xmi Pte Ltd is set to push the boundaries of technology with new exciting products and build a global brand synonymous with innovation.

Xmi Pte Ltd currently has distribution networks in 80 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia.

For more information about Xmi, please visit www.x-mini.com


For more information about this delegation and subsidies, please feel free to contact Wah Yi at +65 96857534 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it