SSIA Members

Corporate Members

Accretech (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Adelis Associates Pte Ltd

Advanced Micro Devices (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Int’l Pte Ltd

Advanced Pinnacle Technologies Pte Ltd

Advinno Technologies Pte Ltd

AEM Holding Ltd

Air Liquide Singapore Private Limited

Analog Devices International Inc.

Angager Phoenix Technology Pte Ltd

Applied Materials South East Asia Pte Ltd

APP Systems Services Pte Ltd

Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd

ASE Singapore Pte Ltd

Asia ATE Pte Ltd

ASM Technology Singapore Pte Ltd

Astropack Technology Pte Ltd

Avi-Tech Electronics Limited

Barghest Building Performance Pte Ltd

Bridgetek Pte Ltd

camLine Pte Ltd

Camtek South East Asia Pte Ltd

CEI Limited

ComLite Technology Pte Ltd

ConnectedLife Pte Ltd

Denselight Semiconductors Pte Ltd

DISCO Hi-Tec (Singapore) Pte Ltd

DNIV Systems Pte Ltd

Dream Catcher Technologies Pte Ltd

Edwards Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd

EO Technics Singapore Pte Ltd

Entegris Singapore Pte Ltd

esmo Asia Pte Ltd

Evercomm Uni-tech Singapore Pte Ltd

Fairchild Semiconductor Pte Ltd

Feinmetall Singapore Pte Ltd

Flexione Pte Ltd

Flextronics Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd

FTD Solutions Pte Ltd


Grand Team Technologies Ltd


Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd

Hermes-Epitek Corporation Pte Ltd

Hope Technik Pte Ltd

HTS Electronics Pte Ltd

Huawei International Pte Ltd



Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Innovative Global Solutions & Services Pte Ltd

Innovative Tool Technology Pte Ltd

Intel Technology Asia Pte Ltd

Invantest (S) Pte Ltd

Inventory Management Solutions (Singapore) Pte Ltd

JHT Design Co. Ltd

Jingke Technology Pte Ltd

Kinergy Pte Ltd


Knight Auto Precision Engineering Pte Ltd

Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd

Lam Research Singapore Pte Ltd

Livingston Ltd

Lumileds Singapore Pte Ltd

Manufacturing Integration Technology (MIT)

Marketech Integrated Pte Ltd

Marvell Asia Pte Ltd

Mentor Graphics

McLauglin IP Pte Ltd

MediaTek Singapore Pte Ltd

MEMS Solutions Pte Ltd

Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd

MKS Instruments (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Nantokanaru Co. Ltd

National Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd

NeuroMem Technologies Pte Ltd

Nordson Advanced Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Novus Technik Pte Ltd

NXP Semiconductors

Odyssey Technical Solutions (S) Pte Ltd

Omnisense System Pte Ltd

Onn Wah Tech Pte Ltd

Panasonic Industrial Devices Semiconductor Asia

Plasma Innovation Labs Pte Ltd

Pico Tech Resources

Possehl Electronics Pte Ltd


Qorvo International

Red Dot Power Pte Ltd

Realtek Singapore Pte Ltd

RFCOM Technologies Pte Ltd

Rokko Systems Pte Ltd

Rudolph Technologies Inc.

Schneeberger Linear Technology Pte Ltd

Secure-IC S.A.S

SEMI Integration (S) Pte Ltd

Semiconductor Technologies & Instruments Pte Ltd (STI)

Semiconductor Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd

Shinkawa Singapore Pte Ltd

Sick Product Center Asia Pte Ltd

Sigenic Pte Ltd

Silicon Cloud International

Silicon Connection Pte Ltd

Silicon Laboratories Int’l Pte Ltd

Singapore Exhibition Servies Pte Ltd

Singapore Valve & Fitting Pte Ltd

Sinyang Accurus Pte Ltd

Solvanni Corporation

Somerset ATE Solutions

SPTS Technologies Ltd

STAr-Quest Technologies Pte Ltd



Switer Engineering (FE) Pte Ltd

Synopsys (Singapore) Pte Ltd

SYSTEMA Automation Solutions

Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company Pte Ltd (SSMC)

Teradyne (Asia) Pte Ltd

Tessolve Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Test Incorporated Asia Pte Ltd

The Max Group – MAX I.E.G. LLC

Third Wave Power Pte Ltd

Toppan Semiconductor Singapore Pte Ltd

Toyo Adtec Pte Ltd

Tradenet Services Pte Ltd

Transcend Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

Uni Connect Pte Ltd

United Test and Assembly Center Ltd (UTAC)

UST Technology Pte Ltd

United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC)

VA Innovation Pte Ltd

vCargo Cloud Pte Ltd

VLSI Consultancy

Willis Singapore Pte Ltd

WinTech Nano-Technology Services Pte Ltd

Xilinx Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

ZMC Technologies (Singapore) Pte Ltd

ZNT Singapore Pte Ltd



Research Institutes/Academia/Government Agencies/Associations


German Institute of Science & Technology – TUM Asia

Nanyang Technological University

National University of Singapore

Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Engineering

Republic Polytechnic

Singapore Institue of Management Pte Ltd

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Singapore Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic


Government Agencies

Singapore Economic Development Board


Research Institutes

Institute of Microelectronics (IME), A*STAR

Technology Development Centre (TDC)


Associate/Chambers of Commerce

Kelington Engineering (S) Pte Ltd

Silicon Saxony e.V.

Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC)



IoT Workgroup 

Advinno Technologies Pte Ltd

Angager Phoenix Technology Pte Ltd

Barghest Building Performance Pte Ltd

ConnectedLife Pte Ltd

EverComm Uni-Tech Singapore


RFCOM Technologies Pte Ltd

Third Wave Power Pte Ltd